Company Overview

KS Consulting was founded in 2002 in response to a demand for high quality, service driven Pastel software support.

Our consultants are some of the best in the industry, ensuring that the right system is installed and implemented to fit your business. Understanding your Business Processes and their value to the business is a critical part of software alignment. Incorrectly configured software not only leads to errors, but also costs enormous amounts of time. We must be in a position to believe with certainty that the value we add to your company will ultimately lead to more streamline business processes.

Our employment policy of using only qualified trained personnel ensures not only quality, but consistency of delivery. Ongoing education and training is essential to ensuring that our technicians and consultants are kept at the leading edge of their prospective fields.

As a trusted Sage Pastel partner and with over a decade of industry experience we offer you superior service with unmatched customer experience. Our team of consultants are all Pastel certified (PCI) and will deliver on any requirement in the field. The years of experience, knowledge and ongoing product training in line with Pastel development and advancement makes us forerunners in support for Pastel EVOLUTION, PARTNER and XPRESS platforms.

We offer you competitively priced Pastel software and aim to add value to your experience by assuring you the installation is done right the first time. Saving you time, reducing your spend, and guaranteeing quality service delivery. Whether you are looking for Pastel Software Support or you would like to buy Pastel Sage Software for your growing business, we can help


KS Consulting has a goal-directed approach to delivering exceptional service. The benefit to all our customers is:

  • Satisfying client needs
  • Helping customers make informed decisions
  • Honouring our commitments
  • Creating a pleasant working environment for the motivation of dedicated employees.
  • providing recommendations with regards to better business processing and reporting


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